3D CT Cone Beam

What is Cone Beam Imaging?
Cone beam imaging (CBCT) is fast becoming the standard of care for many common dental and oral surgery procedures, such as implants, orthodontics, tooth extractions and TMJ assessment.

The 3-dimensional scans generated by the Cone Beam system helps Dr. Kaleka reduce the overall time of your procedure, and allow him to see your teeth, jaw and facial bones with much greater clarity and detail than a conventional 2-dimensional black and white film x-ray.

With the advancement in technology, Dr. Kaleka utilizes dental-specific 3D x-ray systems that give off much less radiation than medical grade CT scanners.   

How is the 3D image taken?
You simply stand behind the Cone Beam (CBCT) system's imaging arm, which rotates around your head. In most cases, the scan takes less than 15 seconds to complete. The CBCT system can also accommodate seated patients such as those who cannot stand upright and patients using wheelchairs.

Why do I need a Cone beam image?
Dr. Kaleka uses state-of-the-art cone beam imaging systems that allows him to diagnose and plan your dental work with much greater accuracy, precision and detail than ever before. Simply put, with cone beam scans, he can see things that could not be seen in conventional 2D dental x-rays.

Also, because cone beam images are 3-dimensional, he now has much more information about your craniofacial anatomy that can help ensure the success of your procedure. This allows us to work in a more predictable fashion and provide impeccable care for you the patient.

Below are some actual images of our cone beam system.