Fully Guided Dental Implant

Digital Computer Guided Implant System
Dr. Kaleka uses the most advanced technology available today to create a natural, esthetic and pradictable solution to tooth replacement.  By incorporating the use of cone beam technology along with CEREC CAD/CAM technology our patients can confidently choose implant tooth replacement as the best option to replace their missing teeth.
Dr. Kaleka starts by virtualy creating a tooth into the patient's mouth where the tooth was missing.  Next we virtualy place the implant into the perfect position to support the new tooth. When placing a dental implant, it is very important the implant be placed in its proper position for two reasons. First, there are many different structures that need to be avoided (nerve, sinus, etc.) during placement. Secondly, because we are placing the implant to replace the patient's missing tooth we want to ensure that the tooth  functions well and looks as natural as possible. This is why we use the cone beam technology to ensure we are being safe and predictable.

With Dr. Kaleka's system of Cerec and Galileos he can use the planning software to replace missing teeth with great esthetics and ideal function and transfer that plan into the 3D image of the jaw. This allows him to now plan the implant placement so that it lines up with the tooth proposal making the final results very predictable. He can do all this without impressions and limited appointments. From this digital plan he fabricates a guide that allows him to place the implant with extreme efficiency and  accuracy. Dr. Kaleka wants his patients to receive the best dental care possible which is why he uses the latest technology in dental diagnostics and planning, the CEREC and GALILEOS®3D

Dental Cone Beam solution:

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